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Are Earlier Stage Pharma Companies Winning The War for Talent?

February 7, 2020

When you’re trying to find the best talent that gets maximum results for your company, a good place to start is looking at the assets that exist in your company to attract the best candidates. A lot of research is looking into the factors that make candidates favor one company over the other and career opportunities, room for development and sense of purpose are sure among the winning factors. But how do companies look like in a different stage to candidates that compete for talent in the same industry. IIC Partners had a look at Pharma companies in particular, with a survey regarding their experiences with their hunt for the best of the best.

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Expert insight with Anders Fogstrup: Inside corporate transformation

September 2, 2019

When it’s time to start a transformation process in a company (which nowadays is pretty much anytime), you need the right expertise in place to answer the essential questions at the right time and to manage the process from within. We talked to one of these experts about the various aspects of transformation processes and the result is this very interesting interview you can find below. Our counterpart in this insightful talk was Anders Fogstrup who is currently leading Mundipharma Germany. The company is part of a global network of privately-owned independent associated companies and operates in over 120 countries worldwide. The company is focused on developing business partnerships to identify and accelerate meaningful technology across an increasingly diverse portfolio of therapy areas including respiratory, oncology, pain and biosimilars. By working in partnership with all stakeholders, the Mundipharma network develops therapies that create value for patients, payers and wider healthcare systems – to move medicine forward.

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Why is diversity so important in Life Sciences?

January 29, 2019

The value of diversity has become almost a cliché – and for good reason. Yet there’s still plenty of data that makes it clear we have a long way to go before the life sciences represent the population, on all levels: from board members to trial groups. The 2018 Life Science Workforce Trends Report published by the Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI) that I also talked about in my last article, stated diversity as one of the main new HR trends as we move into 2019.  

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Integrated vs Non-Integrated Executive Search Firms – my point of view

December 18, 2018

The global executive search market continues to be an interesting playing field that always evolves. I’ve been a keen observer of these developments and especially as to how Executive Search networks have started to transform. One of the keys seems to be their flexibility: the ability to adapt and change quickly – in disruptive and challenging times. But what makes the difference between an integrated and a non-integrated Executive Search Firm and what are the pros and cons? And are they actually that different after all?

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