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New Leadership with old principles

16. Juni 2021

There is a lot of things being said and written around leadership every day. Rightfully so. Guiding companies and more importantly people through work life is a fundamentally important task that should ideally be done right. A lot of the “modern” leadership concepts seem to say that classical humanistic education can be neglected in favor of actual people skills. What I find interesting about that is: aren’t people skills at the basis of humanistic education? 

Ancient Greek philosophers got the world right, right?

I can’t help but wondering over and over again whether most of the “modern” leadership ideas aren’t in fact things that have been around for centuries. Maybe they have started to be forgotten but obviously shouldn’t be. Leadership of course has to include the perspective of cultural education and a humanistic attitude. Central humanistic aspects include: involve employees, work on an equal footing, work error-free, trust people. Sounds familiar right?


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