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Are we heading towards a mass freelance workforce?

7. April 2021

You might remember: some time back in the 2000s there was this ‘Digital Bohème’ (the way Holm Friebe and Sascha Lobo defined it in 2006), which referred to some kind of disruptive or even exotic form of working, primarily for ‘young people’, who would sit behind their laptops in a café working on ‘projects’ of every imaginable caliber while sipping a latte-macchiato with *insert hip topping/flavor*. Flash forward: in the year 2021 this kind of working has basically become as regular as every other job.

Freelancing numbers are off the charts

Well, cafés might still be closed and perhaps the only fancy coffee is the one out of your own coffee-machine in your own kitchen, the current numbers of the amount of work done by freelancers are staggering. In the US alone 41% of the workforce freelanced in 2020 (up 13% since 2013!), while 53% of the Generation Z (18-22) chooses the freelancing path. Moreover, at least half of organizations worldwide (with staff of 1000+) have seen a substantial increase in their freelance workforce in the past five years (source).


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